Application for our postproduction residency  2018 - 2019

Application for our postproduction residency 2018 - 2019

Thanks to two or three, three-month research and post-production residencies per year, the Centre Photographique d’Île-de-France plays host to artists selected by a jury with the aim of helping them concretise a specific artistic project. Over the last twelve years, the centre has hosted and supported 36 such projects. 
Residencies take multiple forms, from the provision of technical assistance (scans, image editing, printing, testing different formats...) to an artistic accompaniment nourished by meetings with figures from the world of contemporary photography (who are passing through the centre) and the input of members of the CPIF team, all of whom are committed to ensuring the success of those projects that the centre decides to partner. 

This three-month residency is meant for artists who need to use some professional equipment, in the experimental phase of postproduction. The CPIF provides some technical help, an access to the lab, digital material for editing and printing, during three consecutive months between October 2018 and July 2019. The CPIF does NOT provide any accommodation, grant or production fee for this residency. 

Applications can be sent by post office until May 13. 



For more information, please contact Olivier Lemort - / 00 33 1 64 43 53 90 


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