Dunes of deletes

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Saturday 08 April 2017 à 20h30

Screening, Dunes of Deletes of Florent Meng

Cinema Apollo, Pontault-Combault


Within the research and postproduction residency, the Centre Photographique d'Île-de-France invites Florent Meng, in residency from January to April 2017, to present in a screening night the different questions at stake in his research project. 

Florent Meng will present Dunes of Deletes, a video work which echoes his photographic project. 

The movies Cruzar un muro Missing Stories, from Enriique Ramirez & Laura Henno, will also be shown. 

The screening will be followed by a talk with the artists and the team of the Centre. 


April, Saturday 8 at 8,30 pm
With artists Florent Meng & Enrique Ramirez

Cinéma Apollo - Pontault-Combault
62 avenue de la République
77340 Pontault-Combault

Fee: Cinema entry - between 4,2 & 6,5 euros 

Entry : 4 euros

More information on phone : 00 33 1 70 05 49 80 

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