Exhibition view, "Second Nature", Guy Tillim, 2013

About The CPIF

The Centre Photographique d'Île-de-France (CPIF) is part of a national network of contemporary art centres. It focuses on still and moving images in the broadest sense.

The CPIF endeavours to support emerging and established French and foreign artists by producing creative projects, organising exhibitions and helping artists to find residencies (research and postproduction workshops, international residencies and the “Ici, maintenant !” [here and now] residency programme).

The centre addresses the relationship between contemporary photography and other creative fields. As part of this interest in the connections between contemporary photography, other artistic disciplines and the human sciences, it organises three solo or group shows every year. These exhibitions address the many and varied practices of photography today, as well as conceptual and reflective approaches to contemporary art. 

As a place of exchange and meaningful experiences, the CPIF is also conscious of its role as a relay between artists and the public. To this end, it implements a bespoke outreach programme (guided visits, conferences, workshops, meetings), organises amateur photography workshops (digital and analogue) and residency projects, as well as hands-on workshops in schools.

The CPIF was created in 1989. Located in the granary of an old farm in the Brie region of France, its distinctive architecture and vast 380 m2 exhibition space make it unique.


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